The Jewish marriage not only establishes the union between two people but is made up of an infinite series of details that are repeated unchangingly over the centuries and that I am very familiar with.
When I organize a wedding, nothing is left to chance.

I place at the disposal of Italian and foreign couples who rely on me, venues where I can recreate Kippahs of extraordinary beauty and charm, in addition to the ancient Synagogue in the center of the Jewish Ghetto, catering respectful of the Kashrut, and carefully selected suppliers.

If you want to offer an experience to your guests, I organize for you emotional and suggestive tours in the most characteristic places of Jewish Rome.

Get married in Rome

Many are the couples who decide to celebrate the wedding in the main temple of Rome. Under the dome decorated in pure Art Nouveau style you will be accompanied by the choir of the temple and the sound of the organ that make the ceremony unique in the world. Less known but equally full of charm, if you love more intimate atmosphere, you can choose to get married in the smallest synagogue in Via Balbo or under a Huppah in the location where your reception will take place. The Jewish community of Rome is orthodox and in order to get married you will have to show the certifications that demonstrate your Jewishness. If you want the Jewish community of Rome provides a range of services such as a pre-printed Ketubah, preparation courses for the bride where the rules of mikvè are explained. Here in Rome there are 4 different mikvè and can celebrate together with your friends. On your wedding day you can decide to get married with the religious and civil rite. In the temple gardens if you want you can organize Shabbat Chatan and request siddurim and Sefer. My task as well as coordinating and organizing your wedding will be, if you want, to support you in solving all those practical and bureaucratic aspects to achieve a perfect Jewish wedding in Rome.!!

Sposarsi a roma
Sposarsi a firenze

Get married in Florence

Tuscany is one of the most appreciated regions of Italy for getting married. You can decide to celebrate under the Huppah in the place where the reception will take place or at the Splendid and ancient Synagogue of Florence. It was built at the end of the 19th century in pure Moorish style to remember the Jews of Sephardic origin. You can also choose among the smallest synagogues in Pisa and Siena.

The community of Florence is Orthodox and the Sephardic minhag is followed, but you can get married following any desired minhag. On request the synagogue provides a pre-printed Ketubah. To be able to get married in the synagogue it is necessary to show a series of documents: such as a letter from an Orthodox Rabbi attesting the Jewishness of the bride and groom and that there are no possible obstacles. If you also want to have a civil marriage, you will have to sign a document that will certify the nulla osta for the marriage. In the community you will find a nice mikvé and you will be accompanied by the wife of the Chief Rabbi and you will be able to celebrate this moment with your friends! On the contrary, you will have to certify that you have done it within four days before your wedding. If you wish you can organize the traditional Shabat Chatan in the gardens of the Synagogue and if you want I will be at your side to guide you in all these steps that will lead to the realization of your Jewish wedding!!

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