How to choose the best location for your wedding

 You're finally getting married!

 You are a bride who knows what she wants, and you will have already chosen the style for the wedding. You will be faced with the most difficult decision that is the one regarding the choice of location.

 Relying on a wedding planner will make everything easier but if you prefer to do it alone here are some tips that I am sure will be very useful. 

 How to choose the location for a summer wedding


If you have chosen summer for your wedding, choose locations with large outdoor spaces: golden beaches, country houses, beautiful gardens are the ideal setting for fantastic outdoor receptions.

The only and imponderable enemy of summer weddings is the 'odious summer storm. For this reason it is essential that the chosen location reserves sufficient space for the plan B.  The lack of these spaces could have disastrous effects but also extremely expensive and not always the rental of the tent can prove to be the optimal solution.

Even the too hot is an enemy for the perfect success of a wedding reception. We always think about how to heat the rooms and forget about the discomfort that our guests might have on a hot summer day. Does the location you chose have an air conditioning system? Does the garden have shady areas?   Make sure that there is all this before you define your contract.


How to choose the location for weddings in winter 


In some respects winter weddings are much simpler, we do not need Plan B and this allows us to live the preparations with less anxiety. It will be important in this case, to manage the spaces in order to make the reception as pleasant as possible for your guests. 

The winter months are less popular with the bride and groom for celebrating their wedding and this will ensure that you get cheaper prices for the rental of the location. Not bad, right?

9 Aspects not to be forgotten when choosing your location

1) Verify  Which Catering works the location you have chosen

2) Ensure that there are accesses for the disabled

3) Can I play music until late?

4) Consider all possible extra costs


5) Pay attention to the contractual clauses