You've decided to finally take the big step! Maybe you still don't have clear ideas but you are sure of one thing, your destination wedding will be Italy!

The choice of a Kuppah leaves you free to evaluate places and locations everywhere, but my suggestion is to also look at some of the oldest synagogues in the world, which I am sure will enchant your guests and make the celebration of your wedding magical. Relying on the Wedding Planner will help you to solve all the bureaucratic procedures for holding a Jewish ceremony in respect of traditions, as well as to realize the wedding of your dreams.

To help you in your choice I have selected for you, some of the most beautiful synagogues in Italy.


It is in the heart of the Jewish ghetto in Rome that there is one of the most beautiful and greatest synagogues in the world!

Built in pure Art Nouveau style, it is unique not only for its architecture but also for the Roman rite that is celebrated there and that is truly unique. I am sure you will be fascinated by the sound of the organ and the melodies performed by the choir. 

Also in Rome, in Ostia Antica, there are the remains of an ancient synagogue.  Among precious mosaics and marble columns, in a truly unique atmosphere! Obviously you should contact the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage and make sure that that day is open and usable.


If your wedding destination is Tuscany, Florence offers not only a wide choice of ancient buildings and large gardens but also a majestic synagogue with characteristic red and blue arabesques.

In the small and romantic town of Pitigliano known as the little Gerusalmme, between the alleys in pink stone there is a pretty and charming synagogue dating back to 1598. Ideal for those who want an intimate and romantic wedding.

Finally, in Pisa, the site of the most famous leaning tower, there is a synagogue that dates back to the seventeenth century, underwent some renovation work over time and the last occurred in 1863 and that defined the style. In 2015 the last restoration took place.


The Casale Monferrato Synagogue is very precious and intimate in pure baroque style. Ideal for surprising your guests: simple on the outside, it leaves you speechless with its beautifully decorated interiors.


In Mantova, inside a hidden building, there is a small and precious synagogue with magnificent wooden and bronze furnishings. Ideal for the celebration of an intimate ceremony.

Jewish wedding in Veneto

And finally we can' t forget the old Synagogue of Venice , built in the old ghetto of Venice between XVI and XVIII century

The journey through the synagogues in Italy does not end here.

Contact me to discover with me the other synagogues of Italy and how to make your dream come true!