You will have chosen the location of your wedding and probably you have already identified the mood you prefer to follow, so it's time to start focusing on the small and big details. At the beginning you'll think you can follow every single aspect, but when the date approaches you'll realize that it's impossible to follow everything as you want and you'll probably lose the thousand nuances on the way to focus on the essential features. In recent years the the table set has become one of those nuances that goes hand in hand with style and flowers, yet it is neither a task of the floral designer nor of the catering company to create an effective mice en place.  And it is for this reason that the figure of the wedding designer is becoming more and more essential, because it will be the person who will coordinate, create your table so taking care of those tiny details that you can not follow as you want. This does not mean that you do not have to be aware and direct your Wedding Planner or who for her in case you opt for DIY, here are some possible solutions on how to best use the napkin to color your table and hit your guests making order among the thousend of possibilities that you will find on the internet.


1 Napkin and Tablecloth: I would start with the traditional equipment where the napkin is coordinated with the tablecloth used. It often has the function of containing the menu, and is folded in a compound way. It can be tone-on-tone of the same fabric or of different colours and materials that create a contrast but this is certainly a choice of sobriety. Your table will not stand out for extravagance but it will certainly be of good taste and elegance.                   

2 Napkin under the plate: There is another possibility that could be a sort of middle ground between an extravagant device and a more classical table. In this case, the characteristic element is not the presence of the tablecloth; on the contrary, it is a solution that goes well with a "naked" table. Decorates without creating an excessive effect so it could be a good solution to dare without exceeding.

3 Knotted napkin : A new proposal is the knotted napkin, apparently informal in flavor, could be a good alternative for weddings "en plein air". or more rustic in taste, but in reality it can well be declined in more sober solutions that want to give a pinch of lightness to a richly prepared table.                                

4 Napkin becomes a placeholder : The most napkin also have a support function of a placeholder. It is a fairly traditional solution but it can be useful and functional to not have too many elements on the table that could create confusion.

5 Napkin , choice of style: Among the many solutions in which you can take advantage of the napkin there is the possibility definitely more creative and obvious to use it so as not to be a part of the decoration but become the decor itself that gives character unequivocally.                                

6 Napkins closed by ribbons: Finally a return to tradition, the napkin closed by the ribbon is an "evergreen". Whether it is around an apparently disordered napkin or a fancy ribbon, it is always a solution that gives a touch of color and liveliness and that can adapt to any style depending on the material used, from linen to a shabby or industrial table, satin or velvet to a rich and pompous style.    

Whether the napkin is knotted or folded, shaded or used as a placeholder is undoubtedly one of the protagonists of the mice en place not to be underestimated.