It is therefore time to think about the much-desired white dress. You'll be certainly documenting the trends of the season, you'll watch the numerous fashion shows of the most famous designers: Dior, Valentino, Gucci or Stella Mc Cartney. An expert Wedding Planner doesn't just organize a perfect wedding, she has to be updated on all the trends and styles and so I decided to share with you a selection of the 5 dresses that have made the history of costume, the most glamorous dresses and that still today are a source of inspiration. You may not know it, but white as the colour for the wedding dress was "launched" by Queen Victoria as a symbol of purity at her wedding with Prince Albert of Saxony and from that day on it became the "colour" symbol for the dress.

1)Giuseppina Bonaparte 1796 / Beatrice Borromeo 2015

There are timeless styles that are perhaps less well known than others that are still very popular today.  Giusappina Bonaparte was a muse of that century at the turn of the eighteenth-ninth century, which saw fashion change radically. The lines began to lighten, the waist to climb up to the bottom of the breast, no wider underskirts or narrow corsets. This style is known as "Empire". In 2015 Beatrice Borromeo for her wedding with Stefano Casiraghi chose 5 different dresses and one of them made with this line with a slightly gipsy flavor was designed by Alberta Ferretti. This style enhances the décolleté so it is a good solution for all brides with a not too prosperous breast or who do not have a particularly thin waist.                                             

2 )Grace Kelly 1956 / Kate Middleton 2011

I decided to associate these two brides who, a little more than half a century apart, have chosen clothes that are still today an example of class, elegance and tradition. The dress of Grace Kelly was designed by Helen Rose, famous Hollywood costume designer of the golden age of American cinema. The future Queen of England has instead chosen the famous English designer Alexander McQueen. The lace is a delicate light fabric that creates a play of transparencies sexy but not vulgar.


So if you are a bride who loves tradition, elegance and sobriety this style is definitely for you.                                        

3)Carolyn Bessette 1996 /Kate Moss 2011

In 1996 Carolyn Besset wore a dress designed by Narciso Rodriguez for her marriage to Jhon Kennedy. Surprised for its austere simplicity. It was a slippery line that enhanced the lines of her body. It is certainly not a dress for everyone but if you love simplicity and you have a long-linear physique  , this dress is definitely an example of extreme class and elegance. This fluid line was followed, even if with a more rock flavour, by the nonconformist English supermodel Kate Moss who wore a dress by the equally transgressive designer Jhon Galliano.                                                    


4) Bianca Perez 1971/Marta Ortega 1918

Bianca Perez for her marriage to Nick Jegger launched an androgynous look with a Yves Saint Laurent suit. A style that is recovered this year by the daughter of the well-known Spanish entrepreneur Alonso Ortega, founder of the Zara Company. For the occasion the bride wears a dress designed by Valentino. If you are nonconformist and love simple lines and masculine without sacrificing femininity, these dresses will surely be a source of inspiration.                                                        il

5 ) Jackie Kennedy 1953/ Victoria Beckam 1999

Style icon , one of the most glamorous first ladies in history , Jackie Kennedy wears a creation from the Maison Valentino . She chooses a laceless dress of precious fabric that highlights her waistline. The wide meringue effect skirt is much appreciated by brides because it embodies the most romantic style. Sexier but similar in line and in the absence of stone embroidery is the dress chosen by another style icon, Victoria Beckam. For the occasion she wears a dress by Vera Wong with waist accentuated by a squeezed bustier that goes down and then widens on the first side.                                                   

I hope I was able to help you on this journey through the styles that have most influenced the wedding dresses. Obviously you will have to interpret them to be able to make them your own and be a beautiful bride!