I grew up among lace, silk embroidery, brushes and sketches. From my mother, an evening dress designer, I inherited the sense of color and aesthetics. After completing my linguistic studies, i attended the Academy of Fashion and Costume in Rome and then obtained a degree in archeology and returned to fashion in the Prèt-a-porter. My whole life has been characterized by the constant attempt to give my creativity an ever-changing form and it is thanks to it that I have landed in the world of event organization. I planned a party and many more followed until this passion turned into a job. So I decided to acquire more skills and competence by attending Wedding Training courses, concerning wedding planning, design and marketing.
There is no work entrusted to me that I do not consider above all a privilege, in fact I love to listen always to the needs of my clients, and then I begin to imagine their event, its staging tended in each single detail as every small element has its value. My task is not just to design a beautiful setting but rather to choose a theme that allows me to tell a story made up of emotions and feelings; only in this way the event becomes truly unforgettable. Thanks to my creativity I produce original and sometimes whimsical ideas, while the most rational and disciplined part of me is meticulous and fussy about the realization. I hire professionals in the field with whom I have an excellent rapport.

My motto is elegance but not without a hint of non-conformism.

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